Install Financial Times GitHub repositories as Bower components

The Origami Bower Registry is a Bower-compatible JSON API which lists all public repositories owned by the Financial Times as well as a white-list of private repositories.

To use the Origami Bower registry, update your ~/.bowerrc file to the following:

	"registry": {
		"search": [

Private Repository Listing

The registry can also list private repositories, but this is decided on a case-by-case basis. If you'd like to add your private repo to the white-list, then you'll need to consider the following first:

  • Although the repository itself will remain private, the name of it will become publicly viewable through the registry. Depending on the repo name, this may present a privacy concern for you
  • Despite being listed, a Bower user may still not be able to actually install the module – this will depend on their GitHub permissions. This could be confusing

If you're OK with the above then either contact the Origami team asking to add your repository, or add it to the whitelist yourself and open a pull request.